How can I communicate with a BLE device in Simulink?

 I would like to communicate with a BLE (Bluetooth low energy) device in Simulink. However, I found no BLE blocks in the Simulink library. Is this supported?

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There is currently no Simulink block that can directly read from a BLE device using the host PC interface. An enhancement request to add BLE Read/Write blocks to Simulink has been submitted to our development team.
As a workaround, you can add a MATLAB Function Block in your model that leverages the ble() function from MATLAB, which has been available since R2019b:
The code inside the MATLAB Function Block would be along the lines of:
function y = fcn()    
    persistent b;    %automatically initialized to []
    persistent hr;   %automatically initialized to []

      %%extrinsic declarations


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