Just want to display the scope's parameters for a period not from 0

 Currently my simulation time is between 0-50s but I just want to get parameters like RMS or overshoot between 20-35s and 35s-50s. I tried changing the time-span and time-offset in the View tab but the graph shows completely wrong and the result is also wrong. 


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  1. Put the Scope block inside an Enabled Subsystem.
  2. Use the Digital Clock block to get the simulation time
  3. Use Relational Operator block to compare the simulation time with your threshold values '20' and '35'
  4. Use a Logical Operator block set to 'AND' to result a signal which is TRUE when the simulation time is in between '20' and '35'
  5. Use this Boolean signal to enable the Enabled Subsystem

When simulating, the Scope block will be blank (no data) outside the simulation times when the signal to the enabler of the Enabled Subsystem is false.


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